Monday, August 10, 2015

The Food I Miss the Most in Seoul: MABONGNIM/MABOKRIM TTEOKBOKKI (마복림할머니떡볶이) - SINDANDONG

The world weren't only invaded by the hallyu waves brought by the Korean entertainment kingdom (K-POP, idols, drama, variety shows) but also now Korean food are so popular like here in Jakarta where I live. Speaking about Korean food, I remember back then, around two years ago when I went on a trip to Seoul, I visited this area called Sindandong Tteokbokki Town where the area was filled with tteokbokki restaurants. If you're familiar with Korean food, you must know tteokbokki already right? That cylinder shaped rice cake which is usually served in spicy red sauce. I entered this tteokbokki restaurant known as one of the oldest, Ma Bok Rim Tteokbokki with an old lady face on the signage.

Before you enter this place, you could see the price list which was attached on the window. Basically they sell tteokbokki in package for 2-5 persons per pax.

I remembered coming to this place on Saturday around lunch time, and this place was pretty packed. From youngsters, couples, to families were crowding the place that made me think, "Ah this place is indeed popular, I came to the right place...".

So, since I came with three friends, we ordered the 4 person pax for KRW 20,000 which included tteokbokki, 2 servings of jjolmyeon (those straight and chewy Korean style noodle), 2 servings of ramyeon, 4 eggs, mandu (Korean dumplings), odeng (fish cakes) on quite a large pan, topped with spring onions and red sauce.

All we had to do is waiting for our tteokbokki to be ready, while waiting, we wore the aprons those were prepared by the restaurant on every seat. Maybe most people eat this tteokbokki messily I thought, that they prepared aprons for the customers.

And this was danmuji (yellow radish pickle) that was given to us, yeah you know how Korean eat pickles or kimchi on their every dishes.

Really, looking and waiting at that boiling tteokbokki, ramyeon, and the others were increasing my appetite! The smell was so good and and the sizzling broth was so tempting.

Finally, I got to taste this famous tteokbokki, it was overall filled with goodness! The broth was a bit thick and spicy - a real Korean taste, so good with the ramyeon and jjolmyeon, oh yeah actually I loved the noodles better than the the tteokbokki, I'm such a noodle person. The mandu, odeng, and eggs also tasted good after simmered with the broth. I fell in love, too deep, that I think about this food often until know, waiting for the chance to visit this place again. This is definitely one of the best food I ate on my South Korea trip - also I made this post as an entry to foodpanda's summer travel blogger contest with 'the best thing you ever ate on your travels" as the topic.

So yes people, I think you should try this kind of tteokbokki if you visit Seoul. Just head to Sindang Station and Sindadong Tteokbokki Town will be just a few minutes walking distance away.

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